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Carousel First Aid Kit
Product Code: POR-G781
Description: This innovative and eye catching design is a medium size first aid kit with all the necessary items to treat a variety of emergencies. It can be free standing or mounted on the wall, and the automatic opening front makes for very easy use. The ideal kit for home use.

Contents including First Aid Notes:
10 x band aid (72 x 1.9cm), 5 x band aid (6 x 1.9cm), 2 x band aid (H size), 1 x band aid (butterfly size), 4 x band aid (round size), 1 x transparent semi-permeable dressing, 1 x adhesive island dressing, 1 x eye pad, 2 x conforming bandages, 1 x PVC glove, 1 x metal tweezers, 1 x small scissors (red handle), 2 x hydrochorite of sodium towelettes, 2 x antiseptic swabs, 2 x wet tissues (soap), 2 x non woven swabs, 1 x first aid mask, 1 x triangular bandage, 1 x emergancy blanket, 4 x safetly pins, 1 x first aid dressing and 1 x first aid notes.
Sizes: 22.5 x 28 x 8.5cm.
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