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Big Jake Reversible Blade (indent)
Product Code: PLL-A52XBi
Description: The world's favorite pocket screwdriver. 25% larger than the original Pocket Partner. Easy to change 2-in-1 blade (slotted/Phillips), 12 top options including Rotating top to improve leverage by increasing torque, Hex driver which eliminates the need for ratchets and wrenches. Handy pocket clip, 10 handle colour options.

Tool tops - Magnet, DIP Switch, Hex Key, Hex Nut Driver, Lid Lifter, Jewelers Eye Glass, Phillips, Micro Blade, Straight Hex, Valve Stem & Vinyl Safety Cap.

*Button top standard.

Special fittings available include: can lid openers, hex tops, magnetic tops, insulated blades, dip switches, valve stem tops, torx drivers and hex keys.
Colours Available: White, Black, Blue, Translucent Yellow, Translucent Blue, Translucent Red, Red, Yellow, Clear, Translucent Green.
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